3D Laser Scanning

Why Choose BuildingPoint for your 3-D Scanning?

  • Trimble – BuildingPoint Expertise
  • Cutting edge Trimble Equipment
  • Experienced 3D Laser Scanning Professionals
  • Fast Turnaround
  • More Accurate

banner-fieldlayoutA big challenge on construction projects is being able to accurately and quickly collect 3D data. In the design phase, we can provide accurate as-built scans of the existing conditions. High tech robotic scanning is much faster and more economical than conventional field measuring and surveying techniques. Working with us on laser scanning eliminates the needs for revisiting the site for missed dimensions and location.


As-Built Comparisons & Verification

Example: Elevator Shaft Verificationimage8

Example: Core Monitoringimage7

Example: Steel Deflectionimage9

Example: Rebar Location -Pre/Post tension cable locationsimage10

Do clash detection


Share and Collaborate

image13 copy

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Deliverables

Scanning As-Built to 3D BIM-1

Scanning As-Built to 3D BIM-2


  • Architectural Documentation
  • Capture Existing Conditions
  • Dimensionally Accurate Photographs
  • Progressive Scanning
  • Document Production
  • Point Cloud Conversion
  • Retrofit Systems
  • Renovation Projects

BuildingPoint’s laser scanning services are available on both a project-based or time/materials basis, allowing you to customize our service to your specific budget and scope of work.

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