In this post we will go over a robotic total station setup on a deck tracking an MT1000 prism.

The line of sight is how we are tracking where we are on our site accurately in accordance with where our unit is. When that site is broken, we need to lock back on. One way to correct this is to use the MT1000 using the directed channel. The MT1000 has undergone a good standard of living improvement where it only tracks to one channel.

Other ways to track are by using the visual lock on method using Trimble Vision, the red and green track light method, the data collector method, and panoramic photo method.

In this explanation we will go over the data collector method.  This method assumes that you are accurately setup on your jobsite.

Here’s how it works: 

Inside FieldLink when the robotic total station is accurately setup you will see a blue target indicator. The hexagon icon will confirm that we are tracking a prism. When we lose tracking the hexagon will spin, and a red dash line will show the robotic total station’s location. The line will continue into infinity until the line of site has returned to locked.

Watch our short instructional video where we present a visual step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the prism lock on method as explain in this post.