Trimble RTS573TRIMBLE RTS 573

Trimble RTS573 Robotic Total Station

This robotic total station is designed for general and specialty contractors that require quality, accuracy and optimum field performance.


The Trimble® RTS Series Robotic Total Stations help contractors perform layout tasks significantly more efficiently than with conventional mechanical systems for residential and building construction. Designed specifically for concrete, MEP, and general construction contractors, the Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations offer construction-specific functionality and one-person operation so you can perform all jobsite layout and measurement tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.


  • Total Station Type: Robotic
  • DR Plus EDM : DR range 4265 ft (1300m) white card 90% reflectivity
  • 3″ Angular Accuracy
  • Track Light
  • Telescope
  • One person layout
  • Robotic communication link – 2.4 GHz radio
  • Prism Layout Only
  • Distance measurement accuracy (Prism Mode): ±2 mm + 2 ppm (0.01 ft + 2 ppm)
  • Easy-to-follow user interface shortens learning curve and faster operation
  • Rugged design, withstands tough jobsite conditions and minimzes downtime due to repair

When combined with the Trimble Field Link or Trimble Field Link for MEP, the Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations significantly increase accuracy, reliability, and productivity.


  • Layout of control
  • Checking or typing into property boundaries
  • Layout of excavation lines
  • Layout of concrete forms and anchor bolts
  • As-built checks
  • Layout of control lines on concrete pad for subcontractor
  • Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
  • Light topographical measurements

The Trimble RTS Series Robotic Total Stations are used with Trimble Field Link or Trimble Field Link for MEP to guide your work.


In March of 2020, Lurre Construction in Caldwell, Idaho purchased 2 Trimble RTS573 robotic total stations for their concrete layout crews. We visited Lurre Construction on July 7, 2020, to see how things were going after using their total stations for 4 months. Here is what they had to say:

“The Trimble RTS573 robotic total station allows our company to grow faster as the construction industry moves toward technology solutions for traditional routines. As we start to rely on technology, we are realizing greater efficiency. We are laying out in half the time it used to take. We don’t have to go back and double check points or do so much math in the field. We are often laying out jobs with just one man instead of having to use the whole crew.

We bought Trimble’s total station from BuildingPoint West because we knew we would get excellent customer service. We are 100% satisfied.”

Lurre Construction