The Trimble RPT600 Layout Station is the building construction professional’s newest essential tool to make short-work of common building layout and as-built measurement projects.

The system measures distances and finds positions simply and easily, enabling your team to deliver accurate field work and eliminate rework.

Wide range of uses:

  • Floors
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Formwork
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

One-Button Setup

Unique Autostationing™ technology lets the system self-locate relative to the projects, so there’s no leveling required or complex setup routines. No matter where the tool is placed, setup is fast and automatic.

A Smarter Way to Work

The Trimble RPT600 with Trimble Field Link 2D software does the work for you! With Trimble VISION on board, you can control the instrument remotely. And the easy-to-see green laser points directly to the spot you need to lay out with precision and simplicity.

Work with Confidence

The Rapid Positioning System is simple enough for anyone to operate with confidence. Its automated functions and guided workflows enable a wide range of field workers to deliver quality and accuracy you can trust.

A feature-set made for construction:

  • 300° vertical field of view simplifies overhead work. Image RPT-00060-n
  • Autostationing™ lets the system self-locate. No leveling required.
  • Highly visible green laser lets you mark the spot easily.
  • See what the instrument sees with Trimble VISION technology
  • Trimble Field Link 2D provides guided workflows
  • Runs on a standard tablet computer


In December of 2019, Bang Concrete in St. George, Utah purchased the Trimble RPT600 total station. Bang Concrete specializes in providing custom/high end residential and commercial concrete basement walls on foundations and flatwork that have been laid by other contractors. This provides some unique challenges for layout and allows a total station to work through irregularities quickly and precisely on an existing jobsite. We visited Bang Concrete on July 9, 2020, to learn about how they were using their total station. Here is what they had to say:

Bang Concrete Logo“I can lay out a job by myself with the Trimble RPT600 total station. On more complicated jobs, it saves a lot of time. Before, I didn’t even want to take on some complicated jobs, but the total station makes it easy. We are building our new shop and serving as the GC. The total station has given us lots of time savings on the shop. I’m laying out the foundation and flatwork quickly and showing the other contractors exactly where they need be. I don’t have a 250-foot tape measure, but with the total station, I don’t need one.

Customer service from BuildingPoint West has been outstanding. It’s nice to work with someone who is just as eager to call you after you bought it as he was before you bought it. The total station definitely does what I need. I’m very happy with that. It meets exactly what I wanted in a layout tool.”

Bang Concrete

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