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With the increasing needs of contractors implementing Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modelling (BIM), Trimble Field Link takes construction layout and field tasks to the next level.

Trimble Field Link provides new productivity features when paired with Trimble instruments like the RTS robotic total stations, RPT600 layout tool, and X7 laser scanner. Enhanced reporting is included to assist virtual design coordinators, project managers, superintendents, and field engineers with an understanding of what is going on in the field, when it happened, and how long it took. A 3D model viewer is incorporated to enable field personnel to view and interact with 3D design models in all of the most common data formats (DWG, DXF, SKP, IFC, and PDF). This allows field crews to more clearly visualize the design intent and make timely and accurate decisions when issues arise. With a camera integrated into selected RTS instruments and wireless connection in Trimble Field Link, contractors can document problematic field conditions with an image, location data, and text notations to quickly and efficiently get answers to questions in hours that ordinarily could take days or weeks.

Features and Application

Keep up with what is going on in the field from the office with task-based workflows:

  • Modular Design: Built to grow with your business, Trimble Field Link comes with a set of Core applications to perform most layout tasks and can be expanded by adding software modules to perform high-end tasks such as floor flatness reports and Visual Point Layout without the need for a prism.
  • Field Reports: Use the Layout Deviations report to understand the accuracy of field layout crews and whether they are adhering to the quality standards of the project and the Daily Layout Summary to monitor the speed, efficiency, and progress of layout crews. The Field Report is a versatile report that includes photos, measurement location data, and text notations to communicate unexpected jobsite conditions.
  • Trimble Vision: Now you can see what the instrument sees. Using an integrated camera in the RTS instrument, Trimble Vision lets a field engineer photograph conflict areas and store measurement coordinates for clear communication back to the office personnel managing the project.
  • Customizable Views: Define the viewport that suits the need of the user. Simple 2D plan views for basic layout or 3D model-based views to integrate BIM workflow.
  • High Performing Field Tablet: Full Windows 10 tablet with an integrated i7 processor to easily load and manipulate large 3D models in the field.
  • BIM to Field: Easily export a BIM model from the most common design tools for import to the Trimble Field Link software to view and execute field stakeout routines, reduce errors, maximize productivity, and duplicate design intent.
  • Trimble Field Link Office: This tool can help prepare data plans by importing 2D or 3D models for field layout. Manage and visualize information, upload information to Trimble Connect for the field crew to use and compare the job site data points gained from the field crew against the original information.

Layout Capabilities

Trimble Field Link software is one single interface with the ability to work with multiple Trimble instruments. This construction layout software provides the ability to connect field crews with constructible BIM. Various layout applications can be performed with Trimble Field Link software:

  • Layout of control
  • Layout of concrete forms and anchor bolt templates
  • Layout of control lines on concrete pad for subcontractor
  • Layout of hangers, sleeves and underground pipe
  • Checking or typing into property boundaries
  • As-built checks

Benefits of Trimble Field Link

Trimble Field Link is transforming the construction industry. Incorporating robotic total stations and Trimble Field Link has been proven to improve productivity by a factor of 2-5X over traditional workflows. This construction field layout system can:

  • Increase communication between office personnel and the field crew
  • Provide real-time visuals to point and measure accurately
  • Offer the ability to control the instrument from the tablet
  • Document daily production and note conflict areas
  • Maximize productivity

Works With Trimble Robotic Total Stations

Trimble Field Link software will increase the accuracy and reliability of the following Trimble Robotic Total Stations:

  • Trimble RTS573: Designed for general and specialty contractors with a DR range of 4265 feet with Trimble Field Link to provide step-by-step instructions.
  • Trimble RTS673: General and specialty contractors can use this for prism and laser layout. This station integrates with Trimble Field Link to guide your work.
  • Trimble RTS773: Comes with Trimble VISION and an integrated camera in the robotic total station providing a remote “through the telescope view” accessible by the Trimble Tablet and Trimble Field Link.
  • Trimble RTS873: This station is designed for specialty contractors, offering features of Trimble Visual Layout, Trimble Vision and an integrated camera that works with the Trimble Tablet and Trimble Field Link.
  • Trimble RPT600: Wide range of uses with a one-button setup. Comes with Trimble Vision.

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Trimble Field Link is a construction field layout software that is bound to improve your construction business. This software is user-friendly and works to strengthen communication processes from the field to the office. If you would like more information about our Trimble Field Link software and Trimble Robotic Total Stations, contact us today to request a demo!

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