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We live and work in a time when the ability to manage a workforce efficiently is crucial for ensuring safety and security, planning effectively and meeting stringent compliance requirements. Now more than ever, your company can benefit from advanced labor management software that removes much of the burden from your shoulders.

Trimble CrewSight is an effective labor management solution that can be easily deployed to meet today’s monitoring needs. Customize CrewSight for use in traditional entry-exit areas, hard access control gates and open access zones for vehicle entry. CrewSight software combines a job site access control system with a worker database for increased site security. Plus, track time and attendance, safety documentation and compliance and store your workforce registry.

This web-based solution can help you manage social distancing implementation, COVID-19 compliance guidelines, and security and safety requirements by tracking who is on the job. Gain control of who is on a project site, the number of contractors and crew members, and re-entry to a site all from your phone. With Trimble CrewSight, project leaders can clearly see and analyze the actual hours crews are on site, what zones of the site crews are working and ensure that everyone on site has proper clearance to be there. Easily access automated reports while streamlining your workforce communication with broadcast texts.

Key features:

Trimble CrewSight labor management software offers a host of features that enhance workforce visibility, increase your tracking capabilities and bolster safety and security:

Touch-free entry tracking

Touch-free entry tracking: Jobsite access management using your own handheld device (Apple or Android) to scan barcode or RFID badges which can be used from a safe distance.

Information at your fingertips: Quickly get up-to-date information on who and how many employees or contractors are on-site on the dashboard with reporting from both the web interface and mobile app – giving you the ability to ensure safety compliance.

New Release v3.7.10 provides the following added features:

  • Mobile Device Online Widget shows the number of mobile devices both assigned to the client or jobsite and how many are currently online.
  • Jobsite SaaS Subscription Start and End Dates provides the ability to see subscription start and end dates to prepare for renewals.
  • Worker phone numbers can now be added to the Zone Violation Report.
  • Reminder of the duration a report is active. Depending on the type, reports are limited in duration to limit impacts to system usage. The longest duration allowed is 31 days. When reports are being generated for significantly long periods of time system performance can be impacted due to the potentially high number of events associated with worker entry and existing events.

Broadcast messaging

Broadcast messaging: Allows the contractor to communicate with all on-site remotely using broadcast text notifications.

Customize rules

Customize rules: Easily customize rules for your sites, create new questions for workers, add limits to access, and monitor those who have experienced potential exposure are adhering to required self-quarantine guidelines.

Restrict worker access – disable badges for a predefined time period

Restrict worker access – disable badges for a predefined time period: You can temporarily disable a badge if needed due to a recorded issue or rule and set a re-entry allowed date in the system.

Add zones for temperature screenings and workforce management

Add zones for temperature screenings and workforce management: Many jobsites are taking temperatures of workers before they are allowed onsite as well as creating “Zones” within the project with guards monitoring to track worker movement and restrict access. CrewSight has workflows and reports to support COVID-19 tracking.

Valuable CrewSight Benefits

Implementing our labor and construction site management software at your job sites provides numerous benefits such as:

Accurate Labor Cost Assessment

Labor is one of the biggest expenses in any building project. The data accumulated by CrewSight allows you to correlate worker hours with productivity by validating which workers and subcontractors are on-site and the hours they’re spending there. You’ll experience more control over your labor costs and identify opportunities to reduce them.

Increased Safety

COVID-19 tracking and monitoring is only one area where our job site access control software can help to create a safer work environment. By tracking everyone who enters and exits the site, CrewSight can account for all workers during an emergency. Additionally, it can ensure that only authorized personnel can access the site. You can even broadcast text alerts during mandatory mass evacuations.

Streamlined Analysis and Reporting

Sorting through an abundance of labor statistics can be an overwhelming experience. CrewSight compiles and sorts high volumes of data into comprehensive reports that simplify the analytic process and facilitate better decision-making.

Improved Compliance

CrewSight’s advanced organizational capabilities are invaluable when meeting today’s increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory requirements and limiting liability exposure. Use it to access labor reports to help with payroll certification and facilitate reporting for fulfilling state and local labor requirements. You can also keep track of all compliance-related documentation and certifications.

Increased Productivity and Lower Costs

By automating many labor and safety management tasks, our software reduces paperwork and human error when handling these processes manually. You’ll experience lower operating costs and free up resources to allocate to other areas of your operation.

Easy Integration With Prolog

Trimble Prolog is a leading construction project management solution specifically designed for contractors and other architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) professionals. You can easily integrate CrewSight with Prolog to enhance the capabilities of both and add value to your construction projects.

What does this workflow look like?

      • Worker arrives for screening; you use your mobile device and the Trimble CrewSight App – employee is scanned into a zone “Temperature Screen”.
        • This captures attendance for that day in that zone.
      • Worker temperature is taken.
        • If they pass, they get scanned into the site.
        • If they fail, you follow your existing processes in place.
          • Information can be entered into the worker record (Create a User Defined Field to capture – Text Field – date, reason for sending home.)
          • Workers access is turned off (see above Temporarily Disable Badges above).
          • You can set a return date according to your guidelines, or just have the worker return to an admin when they are cleared to come back then turn on access again.

Additionally, other Zones can be set within CrewSight and individual workers can be allowed/restricted using their existing badges. A guard can scan worker as they enter/exit the Zone using the mobile phone app, creating a record of worker attendance in that area.

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As part of Trimble’s extensive global network of distribution partners, BuildingPoint West can provide full support for CrewSight and the entire portfolio of Trimble Building solutions in 10 western U.S. states. By serving as your technology partner for design-build-operate (DBO) solutions, we’ll provide the insight, software, tools and services you need to grow your business, increase productivity and create safer, more efficient job sites.

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