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With scanning technology we can help you easily capture existing condition data for accurate adaptive reuse and renovation construction planning and design.

3D Laser Scanning

The Trimble X7 is a high-speed 3D laser scanning system allowing for scan and BIM data to be referenced, registered and refined in the field. The X7 increases productivity with fast, high quality scanning combined with Trimble Field Link construction software. The new Trimble X-Drive system enables automatic calibration to ensure accuracy on every scan with no downtime for costly and lengthy calibration service. Includes high sensitivity time-of-flight EDM to effectively capture dark and reflective surfaces and fast image capture for full panoramas and scan colorization with Trimble® VISION™ technology. Also, an integrated laser pointer to support in-field deliverables and workflows. All complete with Trimble Field Link Scan Module; construction specific software to easily operate the Trimble X7 and reference scan projects with design documents.

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The Trimble TX8 Laser Scanner produces the high quality results needed for comprehensive worksite data collection. The TX8 lets contractors gather data more quickly from each setup while the long range capacity reduces the number of setups needed to get the job done. Complete with Trimble’s patented Lightning™ technology, the TX8 can measure one million points per second while capturing precise data over its full measurement range of 360 degrees and 317 degrees. The TX8 has a eye-safe Class 1 non-visible laser making this safe to use even in busy public places. Also a color touchscreen display and one-button scanning make data capture easy and efficient.

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The Trimble TX6 3D Laser Scanner is a cost effective 3D scanning solution based on the same advanced time-of-flight technology as the Trimble TX8. The Trimble TX6 high scan speed and accuracy make it the most productive scanner in its class and it’s built for demanding environments. Data from the Trimble TX6 loads directly into Trimble RealWorks and Trimble Scan Explorer software for automatic scan colorization and registration. Produce powerful deliverables or export data to CAD software.

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Handheld 3D Scanning

The DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner is a self-contained, lightweight design with a high-resolution camera sensor and powerful Android tablet that allows for one-hand operation for improved accessibility, speed, and safety while acquiring data on site. Any stakeholder on a construction site looking for 3D image capture, the ability to append data, real time data quality feedback, and a portable data format that is also compatible will appreciate the features included in the DPI- 8 Handheld Scanner.

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Trimble Realworks

Visualize and Extract Compelling Deliverables from 3D Data. Trimble 3D scanning software allows you to integrate 3D point and survey data to Extract measurements, Generate deliverables and Utilize inside 3D CAD software. Trimble RealWorks is specifically designed for point cloud processing and analysis. The software provides a complete solution to efficiently register, analyze, model and create deliverables using data from virtually any source.

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Trimble EdgeWise

The EdgeWise software uses automated feature extraction and modeling to significantly reduce the time required for professionals to generate CAD models of pipes, conduit, structural steel and gridded concrete from data captured with 3D laser scanners. In combination with Trimble’s laser scanning instruments and Trimble RealWorks software, the EdgeWise software provides a complete workflow that can deliver as much as 50 percent time savings for professionals engaged in data collection, point cloud registration, editing and final modeling for industrial and building construction applications. EdgeWise augments Trimble’s strategy to provide efficient end-to-end workflows that result in accurate, actionable models, and enables model deliverables to be imported as native objects with popular Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications.

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