The QML800 QuickMark Layout System is a completely new way to layout interior points. The system uses 2 laser beams that literally make a visible “X” at the desired location. The user simply selects the desired point on the controller and the lasers position the “X” at the correct location.

Complicated shapes, arcs, curves and circles are as easy to layout as corners. The lasers are controlled by an intuitive high resolution Android tablet with standard gestures and controls. Setup is accomplished through a quick process locating two known points on the jobsite.

The QML800 all-inclusive package consists of 2 lasers, 2 tripods with canvas bag, Nexus controller, LP30 pointer and beam interceptor, chargers, laser enhancement glasses, and carrying case.

Quickmark Layout System

Easy-To-Use Visible System:

  • Visible X marks the spot
  • Intuitive tablet interface
  • Fast setup with minimal training
  • Current teams can use the system
  • Surveying background not necessary

No Measuring:

  • Eliminate calculating and tape reading errors
  • Errors are not compounded from one marking error
  • Complex shapes and dense areas are easy to layout
  • Wireless communications between tablet and lasers

Fast and Efficient:

  • Points located in 5 seconds
  • Labor reduction up to 50%
  • Reduce trade conflicts on site
  • Layout and get out
  • Quick ROI – 1 to 3 jobs

Multiple Methods to Add Points:

  • CAD export
  • Create Excel spreasheet and export CSV file
  • Manually enter points
  • Points can be updated live on the jobsite when needed

Numerous Applications, ideal for:

  • Drywall contractors
  • MEP contractors
  • General contractors
  • Construction managers and architects
  • Other layout tasks including warehouse racking, factories, office wall / cubicle layout