Trimble ProjectSightToday’s construction industry is full of complex demands. That means stakeholders frequently use lightweight tools for individual tasks, leading to siloes and collaboration challenges that result in decreased efficiency. Trimble ProjectSight is the construction project management solution to resolve these issues so you can focus on completing your project.

Improve efficiency and productivity, enable mobility and visibility, and ensure success for all your processes with Trimble ProjectSight. Our construction project management software allows for exceptional collaboration, breaking down siloes and building a system where every piece of your project works together seamlessly.

Trimble ProjectSight Is Construction Project Management Software You Can Trust

Are you looking for a solution that will empower you to deliver your project on time, within budget and with optimal efficiency? Trimble ProjectSight gives you one point of collaboration to bring together field and office workers.

By creating a single-source platform for project management, the software allows all project stakeholders to work together seamlessly across business areas and siloes. Our tool offers a number of powerful features, including:

  • Budget and cost management: Have full visibility of your project’s financial health. Easily manage orders, payments, contracts and risks, as well as forecast project costs.
  • Document control: Collaborate on drawings, submittals, RFIs and correspondence in one location for thorough and accurate documentation management.
  • Field management: Ensure team safety and reach optimal efficiency with powerful tools including safety notices, daily reports and fieldwork directives.

Our project management software for contractors enables collaborative and efficient control and direction in real-time. Built to help you, Trimble ProjectSight is software you can trust for all your management needs.

Trimble ProjectSight Construction Project Management Solution Works for You

Trimble ProjectSight is a solution that does the work for you, saving you and your team valuable time and energy for increased productivity. It’s a powerful tool that brings diverse benefits to your project management:

  • Improve project accuracy: You’ll be able to pinpoint potential obstacles earlier and plan more effectively to get the job done right.
  • Increase your team’s productivity: With streamlined communication and collaboration, everyone on your team will be able to do their job more efficiently and effectively.
  • Get better cost value: You don’t have to pay more to get quality project management software. At BuildingPoint West, we offer competitive rates that give you more value from the solution you choose.
  • Take advantage of unique features: ProjectSight stands apart with unique, in-depth plugins for 3D models and drawing to enhance your project capabilities.
  • Have easy access to powerful tools: Within the app, you’re able to work directly with BIM through Trimble Connect for mobility and accessibility.

With features that will empower your project management in every area, Trimble ProjectSight makes your job easier while giving you full visibility and control of the process.

Empower Your Project Management With Trimble ProjectSight Software

At BuildingPoint West, we’re committed to providing solutions for the construction industry that improve productivity and collaboration for all project stakeholders. To take your next step toward powerful solutions for your project and team, contact us to learn more or request a free demo today.

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