Create the best possible 3D deliverables

Trimble RealWorks

This point cloud software gives you the power to register, analyze, model and create the best possible 3D deliverables from scan data.

  • Load large amounts of points in RAM and still operate the software smoothly while you measure points, pan, rotate and start tools.
  • Loading Manager edit field remains visible for easy access.
  • Import and export are no longer dependent on the amount of loaded points making it easier to work with large scan files.
  • Gain a better visual display thanks to a larger graphic card.
  • View dynamic visual feedback while you perform several segmentations in a row and then run the full computation at the end.


Trimble CloudEngine

Improve efficiency in 3D capture projects by creating a living document with point cloud data to monitor and track construction progress.

  • Validate designs, documetn changes, and the accuracy of as-built models at each step of a project.
  • Extract a living document to share with non-technical stakeholders to monitor and track construction progress.
  • Automate horizontal and vertical surface analysis with industry standard testing and customized reports that can be published in visual modeling platforms.
  • Support structured and unstructured point cloud data from any source, including LiDAR and photogrammetry.
  • Perform efficient cloud-to-BIM registration.


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