generalcontractors_buildingpointAs a general contractor, you need solutions that will work within your business structures and processes. At the same time you need to also leverage technology that won’t distract you from your core competency of building. We want to transform your work experience with a portfolio of building-intelligence software, hardware, and services solutions that optimize workflows, streamline processes, and seamlessly fit within your existing operational framework.

Our VDC Services also assist GCs during periods of peak demand during a project. We can customize any package to include Business Development Support, 2D Change Reports (between two document sets), 3D Model Assessment, 3D Constructability and Coordination, 4D Schedule Simulation and Optimization, 5D Model-Based Quantity Takeoff and Estimates, Laser Scanning, Renovation Scanning and As-Built Models.

For your construction estimating needs, we can recommend the best solution for you. With GCEstimator you get estimating and takeoff solutions designed to increase efficiencies, win more work, and maximize the profitability of projects before, during and after construction.

Modelogix offers an environment through which contractors can analyze their project cost history for fast and accurate creation of early-phase budgeting and benchmarking of final estimates. Many features streamline estimation and make it more accurate.

WinEst allows you to easily create, manage and integrate detailed project estimates, using cost-knowledge management, to increase productivity and customize essential documents.

With CrewSight, you have the ability to clearly see and analyze the actual hours crews are on site, what zones of the site crews are working and ensure that everyone on site has proper clearance to be there.

We look forward to hearing from you and understanding how we can help you throughout the complex design-build-operate (DBO) lifecycle.

Self-Performing GC’s and Trade-Contractors

buildingowners_buildingpointWhether you are a general contractor in the mechanical, electrical or plumbing trade, the pressure to deliver more with less continues to grow. Our suite of software and hardware solutions span the needs of the office to the field, all while helping you to lower your risk and maintain your profit margins.

Use our solutions to:

BuildingPoint’s software solutions for engineers, fabricators and construction professionals are built for Building Information Modeling (BIM). Built on reliable, constructible, digital project information, BIM adds value by creating, managing and sharing the properties of a building throughout its life cycle. Incorporating physical, commercial, manufacturing and operational data, this software will enable you to become more efficient in the construction process and ultimately more profitable.

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