CCC Group Logo“We’ve used WinEst Pro Plus since 1995, primarily in industrial, civil, structural-steel, piping and electrical applications. We’ve found it to be a very intuitive program. Right out of the box, it was easy to adapt it to how we like to do things and replicate the systems and processes we had in place — all with a pretty easy learning and implementation curve. With the help of WinEst’s support staff, integrating our in-house cost databases was trouble-free.

WinEst’s flexibility and adaptability has been a big plus for us, letting us easily tailor our estimates to the particular needs of each client. WinEst also greatly simplifies the problem of overly-complex spreadsheets and provides far better control and organization of data.

We’ve also been very happy with how easy WinEst is to learn, especially for new employees who are so often well-established with their own methods and processes.”

Pat Egger
CCC Group, Inc.

Flintco Logo“We have been very pleased dealing with BuildingPoint for our Trimble needs. We received top of the line training and can always get someone on the phone for support. It’s also nice having the service center close by for accessories and calibrations.  We really like the Field Link software as it has an easy work flow with our modeling software. It is super easy to learn and use which makes us more productive.”

Bradie Brackman

Hensel Phelps Logo“Hensel Phelps has used Trimble conventional total stations for some time and moved into robotics these past couple of years. The time savings is night and day. We encourage our subs to use Trimble as well and currently have 5 robots on 1 project. BuildingPoint has been great to work with in helping us getting proficient with the new technology.”

David Hernandez
Hensel Phelps

FL Crane Logo“The Trimble RTS 873 has been a game changer for us. It is incredibility simple software to use. The green beam visual layout was definitely a big part in moving away from our other robot. The layout task becomes even simpler when you don’t have to use a prism. We also check floor flatness and shoot as-builts of our panel openings for prefabrication. We think we already paid for the investment on one projects by getting the measurements so accurate. Everything fits just right. BuildingPoint was able to walk me through over the phone in minutes how to do this. I am thankful we made the best choice”

Justin Robbins
FL Crane

Bang Concrete Logo“I can lay out a job by myself with the Trimble RPT600 total station. On more complicated jobs, it saves a lot of time. Before, I didn’t even want to take on some complicated jobs, but the total station makes it easy. We are building our new shop and serving as the GC. The total station has given us lots of time savings on the shop. I’m laying out the foundation and flatwork quickly and showing the other contractors exactly where they need be. I don’t have a 250 foot tape measure, but with the total station, I don’t need one.

Customer service from BuildingPoint West has been outstanding. It’s nice to work with someone who is just as eager to call you after you bought it as he was before you bought it. The total station definitely does what I need. I’m very happy with that. It meets exactly what I wanted in a layout tool.”

Bang Concrete

“The Trimble RTS573 robotic total station allows our company to grow faster as the construction industry moves toward technology solutions for traditional routines. As we start to rely on technology, we are realizing greater efficiency. We are laying out in half the time it used to take. We don’t have to go back and double check points or do so much math in the field. We are often laying out jobs with just one man instead of having to use the whole crew.

We bought Trimble’s total station from BuildingPoint West because we knew we would get excellent customer service. We are 100% satisfied.”

Lurre Construction