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Design │ Build │ Operate

Design Enabling designers to adapt design choices in a dynamic project landscape
Build Ensuring a timely, transparent workflow across core constituencies
Operate Equipping owners, occupiers and supply chain managers to better control scope, costs and schedules, and keep programs on track

From the Office, to the Jobsite, and Everywhere in Between

BuildingPoint West is part of a global network of Trimble distribution partners specialized in supporting customers with the adoption of the Trimble Buildings’ portfolios. Trimble Buildings is dedicated to making the construction industry significantly more productive through advanced, accessible, intuitive technologies. Our portfolio of synergistic hardware, software and service offerings streamlines communication and collaboration throughout the Design-Build-Operate (DBO) lifecycle, with targeted solutions that enable Architects, Structural professionals, MEP trades, General Contractors and Construction Managers, and Building Owners to realize greater efficiency and profitability.


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