As a project manager, you wear many hats — budgeting, safety, inventory, scheduling, site management — and your construction project’s outcome depends on your ability to do those jobs well. What if we told you there was a single, easy-to-use program that could help you manage all these complex tasks and more? Construction project management software is a worthwhile investment for any construction management team who wants to simplify processes and save time and costs around the worksite.

Learn more about the benefits of using construction management software, including which features to look for, how to choose the best platform for you and how Trimble ProjectSight can help you get the job done.

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What Is Construction Management?

Construction management is a term that generalizes numerous tasks required to complete various types and sizes of construction projects. Construction managers or construction management teams are typically responsible for overseeing and assigning all project tasks with a combination of employees and subcontractors.

What Is Construction Management?

Construction management teams handle the following:

  • Planning the project’s scope
  • Making cost, material, schedule and completion estimates
  • Managing budget and expenses
  • Determining which methods and materials are best
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Handling issues as they arise
  • Establishing risk management and safety plans
  • Assigning and completing tasks
  • Generating and managing project reports and project tasks
  • Tracking progress and making adjustments as needed


What Is Construction Project Management Software?

Construction management software is a powerful tool for construction managers, management teams or project managers. The software stores all relevant information and documents in a single, virtual location that different group members can access quickly and easily.


Why Use Construction Project Management Software?

There are many advantages of using construction project management software, and features vary between platforms. Whether you choose a simple-to-use, basic software or a feature-rich platform, you can use it to complete the following:

  • Manage and track budgets and expenses
  • Communicate with key members of the project
  • Monitor task status and adjust assignees
  • Store and access important documents and contracts
  • Schedule and manage timetables
  • Further collaborate on tasks via picture, video and external applications

Construction project management software is a time-saving solution for teams and project managers who oversee all types of construction jobs, including small, medium and large-scale commercial and residential projects.


6 Benefits of Using Construction Project Management Software

If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline your workday projects and manage all facets of your construction site, construction management software can help with communication, documentation, management, organization, budgeting and convenience.

These are some of the top benefits of construction management software:

6 Benefits of Using Construction Project Management Software

1. Communication

Get real-time updates about important changes and receive alerts across departments so you, your team, the client and suppliers can stay in-the-know about each part of the project’s status. This minimizes costly miscommunications and saves hours of valuable work time that might have otherwise been spent waiting on an email or document to arrive.

You can also check the current status of projects and communicate with those responsible for in-depth answers when you need them. Some platforms allow communication via images and video transfer for a clearer picture of what’s going on when you can’t make it to the site.

2. Documentation

Project management software keeps all your documents and contracts in a single, secure location for quick retrieval and safe storage. This eliminates the need for paperwork that could get lost or damaged and makes it easy to organize and file each record without creating multiple copies. Fewer copies also means improved security for sensitive information. You can even use some platforms to generate and collaborate on contracts and other legal documentation.

3. Management

If you’re the direct manager of a project, construction management software can make your job easier and enhance your team’s efficiency and productivity:

  • Productivity: Assign tasks to individuals, groups or departments and monitor their progress to see which projects might face delay and keep the schedule moving forward. Hold team members and employees accountable for missed tasks or shifts. You can also generate and send reports or change requests once submitted to keep the workflow moving as your project changes.
  • Efficiency: As you monitor employee status, you can get a clearer picture of how each small task fits into overall project completion. Make some information visible to the whole team for increased accountability and enable direct contact between key departments. You can also boost worksite efficiency by performing risk assessments before making significant or costly changes and use integrated features, like 3D models, to optimize your decisions.
  • Safety: Some software platforms allow you to monitor adherence to pre-established safety guidelines so you can minimize the risk for worksite injury and costly project setbacks.

4. Organization

One of the most significant benefits of construction management software is also likely the one you think about the least — a simple and straightforward organizational system. With everything in the same place, you can store your information and allow access to those who need it. Some platforms let you choose how to organize data, depending on your project, client and business needs.

Track all business expenses, expenditures, contracts, contact information, budget sheets, site specifications, plans, codes and guidelines on a mobile device you can access with a few clicks.

5. Budgeting

You’ve already learned how construction management software can save you time, and around the construction site, time is valuable. Most software platforms also include integrated accounting features with payroll and payment tracking so you can allocate and monitor all incoming and outgoing money.

Thanks to the ability to monitor tasks, you can also spot potentially expensive issues before they arise and track all ongoing expenses to see how they’re lining up with your established budget. Built-in communication features then let you communicate any necessary changes or requests to the appropriate party.

6. Convenience

Most construction management software platforms are available for mobile use, so you can take all the features and collaborative elements with you, whether you’re at the worksite or out of town. This convenience means you never have to worry about gaps in progress due to unanswered questions. Communicate directly with the field and get the information you need in a format that lets you refer back to it whenever necessary.


How to Choose a Construction Management Software

How to Choose a Construction Management Software

Now that you know what construction management software has to offer, you’re probably eager to get started and see how it can transform your workday. The right platform will save you time and money, but every construction management team and industry has different needs. Here’s how to pick a construction management software that is right for your team.


Most construction management software platforms operate on an annual subscription plan. Some offer different subscription tiers that include varying features or numbers of users. Choose your platform and subscription model based on how often you plan to use it, how many construction tasks are typically required for each job and how many users you have.

If you regularly work on projects that have several stakeholders, clients and suppliers — like a large-scale commercial project with multiple investors — be sure you choose a plan large enough to accommodate each interested party, as well as the amount of data and files you anticipate storing.


How a software looks and what type of user experience it offers is an important consideration before purchasing. This includes:

  • Device compatibility: Choose a software that is compatible across devices, including Android and iOS operating systems, and ensure your team’s devices are up to date before downloading the application.
  • Up-to-date technology: Your construction management software should be equipped with the latest technology to ensure seamless connectivity and usable features. This includes choosing software with regular updates for upgrades and occasional fixes.
  • Clean and organized: Each category within your software should be easy to access, read and use. Confusing, crowded or lagging features means your team will spend more time figuring out how to utilize your software, which takes them away from work projects. Most platforms let you request a demo before purchasing to make sure it’s a good fit for you.


Each construction team operates differently, and your specific needs are the best place to start when considering which software features you want. Some groups might want an increased focus on collaboration and communication, while others may need to keep track of an extensive equipment fleet. Your features may vary depending on the platform you use and your paid subscription level.

Examples of features to consider when choosing your construction management software include:

  • The ability to integrate 3D models.
  • Documents to help you forecast project costs.
  • The ability to collaborate on drawings.
  • Accounting features, including payment tracking.
  • A collaborative calendar to keep everyone on the same page.
  • Adjustable priority status for different tasks.
  • Equipment tracking and operational hours.
  • Material inventory management.
  • Simplified file sharing for data and documents.


The best project management software for construction should be compatible with external applications or programs. These integrations can be a valuable asset for your team, letting you eliminate duplicate entries from contractors and owners and complete many more necessary tasks. Check software specifications and see what programs you can link your management account to for an even more thorough, simplified project.


One of the most important tips for choosing the right construction management software is to look for a company with responsive and reputable customer service backed by testimonials. Some things to check for include:

  • The type of training available to aid you through the transition to your new software.
  • Customer service’s level of responsiveness when you ask to learn more or request a demo.
  • Testimonials and reviews from third parties and people in your industry.
  • A quick response plan for handling any software issues, should they arise.
  • Industry experience in the construction business.

When you work with a company that offers quality customer service, you can rest easy knowing you’ve made a valuable investment for your team and there is a group of experts waiting to help you when you need it.


The Future of Construction Management Software

Construction technology, including project management software, is a relatively recent addition to a project manager’s toolkit. Technology has seen enormous strides in recent years, allowing for today’s platforms to have increased connectivity, faster communication speeds and expanded mobility for portable devices.

Construction technology will continue to evolve and may see exciting upgrades in the coming years, such as:

  • The ability to be more user-friendly and better at anticipating user needs.
  • An increase in compatibility with external applications and programs.
  • Newer technologies, like artificial intelligence.
  • Built-in features to make it easy to understand project data analytics.
  • Faster communication speeds thanks to increased network coverage and 5G integration.
  • More map-like augmented reality features that let you “be” at the worksite, even when you’re not, to see things in real-time.


Benefits of Choosing Trimble ProjectSight

Trimble ProjectSight is a construction management software for project managers, contractors and builders who want reliable service and unique features that help you achieve your goals and complete projects of all sizes. When you request a demo from Trimble ProjectSight, it won’t take long before you see how the feature-rich interface and built-in integration service helps you maximize productivity.

Some notable benefits of Trimble ProjectSight include:

  • Management: ProjectSight has built-in budgeting and cost features to eliminate surprises, track invoices and materials and forecast project expenses and profits. Field management tools increase safety and efficiency, including the ability to stay mobile. Your team in the field can easily capture pictures and video footage to communicate any changes or concerns about time-sensitive tasks. Document management lets you generate daily reports, collaborate on drawings, submit and receive correspondence, process and share Submittals and requests for information (RFIs) and generate and manage all contracts in an accessible location.
  • Features: One reason project managers love ProjectSight is the ability to access drawings and 3D models with the building information modeling (BIM) viewer. You can also take advantage of Trimble integrations with other select applications for even more connectivity and convenience.
  • Compatibility: ProjectSight is compatible with iOS and Android devices, with online and offline functions available. The app also utilizes cloud-based storage, so you never have to worry about losing your information or taking the time to back up your data onto an external storage device.

You can also count on Trimble ProjectSight to continue utilizing the best in technology, so you can stay up to date on trends in the industry and construction technology.

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