When our clients begin to consider laser scanning for their workflows, they often shy away due to the perception of cost, training, and complexity. The investment into a laser scanner and required software can seem high. However, these solutions have made incredible strides over the last five years.

The benefits include being more economical by shortening the collection and processing time and simplifying the path to a deliverable. With that information alone, laser scanning has become a viable solution. But many clients still aren’t ready to invest in their own equipment.

The great news is we offer a try before you buy service at BuildingPoint West. To gain familiarity with laser scanning equipment, consider scheduling a laser scanning jump start session.

Our sessions start with a free consultation to identify your specific deliverable requirements. Once the end goal has been established, our laser scanning team will use CAD drawings, models, photos, and jobsite visits to quickly and accurately assess the work necessary to accomplish the deliverables and provide an estimate for the service.

You will also get to shadow our team to gain insight into the process and ultimately gauge whether the process will fit into your company’s workflows on a regular basis. In many cases, our clients have discovered that it’s not as hard as they thought and decide to invest in their own 3D laser scanner.  

If you have a relatively small project, we can apply the jump start session cost to the purchase of the 3D Laser Scanner.

Keep BuildingPoint West in mind for guiding you in the right direction with jobsite scanning.